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Change is in the air for our city

Published 11:08am Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Editor,
There is a newness in the city of Alexander City and a changing of the guards. With the help of our new leaders as well as many old leaders, restoration for the citizens has begun.
With this freshness, we need new ideas and also, we need to elevate old ideas to decide which to implement or discard.
Our new leadership consists of mayor, city council, police chief, ministers, chamber president, human resource director, Crisis Center coordinator, superintendent of education, school band member, faculty, Lake management director, companies, businesses and others I may not be aware of. Many come from other cities and states as well as local.
This is a grand opportunity for man and a challenge for others due to companies downsizing and unemployment for employers, who have held steady jobs for numerous years.
It is definitely a time for change and reevaluating priorities, deciding what the next steps are necessary to maintain stability in a somewhat slow economy.
This is a time to begin to think and be creative. Oftentimes the loss of a position or certain situations beyond one’s control can prompt people to get revitalized and do something that they might have never tried had no an unsettling event occurred.
Jobs are slowly becoming available in the area, bringing hope and appreciation to many people. In the midst of new leadership and new opportunities, we still must face many issues that have been prevalent in our city such as investigation of drugs in our communities, domestic violence, theft, identity theft, deception, molestation, murder, corruption, unemployment, slow economy, school drop out and many other issues.
To come together as a unified city, we must use old and new ideas that can work to better our area. Either we will work together as a city or town, or we will perish together.
Everyone is need to make our city successful. No one is more or less important. Let’s not leave anyone out in order to make Alexander city and Lake Martin area the best. We must continue to strive together, work together for the advancement and well being of all citizens.
We have a great city. It is still a great place to live, rear children and involved with schools, churches, neighborhood and government in my opinion. “Where there is unity, there is strength.”
Teresa Harrell Moten
Alexander City