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Continue voting with conviction

Published 11:25am Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dear Editor,
I would like to commend Mr. Tony Goss, District 6 city councilman, for voting against waiving fees for groups and organizations ho plan various events in our area.
His reasoning for voting no – as he stated to council – is that new positions are not being filled, streets need asphalt badly, employees programs are being cut and possible increase of sales tax to increase revenue, and I agree wholeheartedly with him.
Also, Mr. Goss stated that the city is a business, and he is a businessman who would like the city to be run in an effective manner due to the fact that the city is in a budget crunch.
If the council continues to waive so many business license fees, it seems to me like we should not change at all. The rules should apply to all so our city can enforce the requirements for business license. Another suggestion may be to look at revenues coming in to the events and sponsored programs to see whether they are able to pay a large or small amount, or none at all.
Mr. Goss, keep voting with your conviction and doing a great job as councilman, along with the other council members.
It’s good we live in a city where council members can agree to disagree and accomplish city business.

God Speed,
Teresa Harrell Moten

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