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Be active in occupying idle time

Published 11:27am Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Everyone has had one of those days (Heck, some people have even had one of those weeks).
Everyone has had one of those days when you are sitting in the house and it just seems like there is absolutely nothing to do.
This past Saturday was one of those days for me.
A boring, absolutely dreadful weekend of college football topped off by a rainy, dreary Saturday seemed like the perfect recipe for sitting around and doing nothing and simply watch as the weekend evaporated.
But as I have come to realize in recent months, you are the creator of your situation.
With each passing day I have become more and more settled into the Alexander City community.
A part of that process has been constantly trying to find new things to do and new people to meet.
Among the things I have found to do in the area, which I have often employed as a weapon to combat one of the aforementioned tedious weekends, is working out at Anytime Fitness.
Getting active has been a surefire way to occupy time, instead of sitting around playing video games or watching TV all day.
But another great way to combat boredom and stay occupied is finding something to do within the community.
I have personally started to turn my eyes to the community calendar and ask around about different things in the Lake Martin area.
I have been in a few small towns throughout the years, and it may seem like there is nothing to do. But your situation is as boring or as fun as you make it.
In searching the community for things to get involved in, obviously, searching for something that revolves around your personal interests is key.
But stepping outside of your comfort zone can go a long way in finding new things.
It is a tough proposition, something I myself frequently fight with, but trying something new that you may never have done before can open new avenues when searching for activities.
I am not a big concert person myself, but I am preparing to get outside my comfort zone and attending this weekend’s Fall Boogie in Waverly.
Maybe it will be something I will enjoy, maybe not, but the point is that you will never know if you do not try.
One thing’s for sure, sitting on the couch complaining about being bored only serves to keep you in that same exact situation.
Hudson is a staff writer for The Outlook.