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Healthy habits can start at young age

Published 1:29pm Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Editor,
They talked about Michelle Obama because she told the children to drink an extra glass of water. Well I am one of the “Baby Boomers,” and we took health in class.
We were taught about your health foods – meat, bread, vegetables and milk – and they specified water, saying you are to drink four glasses of water a day. That is not much, but to a child that is a lot. Children drink a sip of water, but you can give them a half of glass of water. When they eat, they will drink one or two sips, but when we were children we played a lot and lined up at the water fountain. When we came inside, we would stay there until we got enough.
And as we got older, we still drink plenty water instead of juice or soda. I drink sodas, but I drink plenty of water. And if I am out in the heat, I buy a bottle of water for me and my grandchildren because it is more healthy for you. And I understand why she said to drink an extra glass cause children don’t like water and parents give them substitutes to their liking, which is more harmful than helpful. But to knock Mrs. Obama down for speaking the truth is wrong, and if you would look around your home, you’d see how much water your child drinks, if any. So, let’s work together on things that really matter to keep our children healthy.
Arlean Wyckoff
Alexander City