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Someone needs to speak up

Published 10:43am Friday, September 20, 2013

Dear Editor,
Our government has failed us again. Another mass shooting by a deranged individual in a target rich environment where the victims were left totally defenseless. Warning signs were everywhere. Why didn’t someone speak up? The same reason no one spoke up on Nadal Hassan, Seung Hui Cho, Ryan lanza James Holmes and  Jared Loughner.
We in this country are too politically correct. We sacrifice our Christian and Constitutional morals values and ethics to appease the liberal left. In doing so we surrender our security in hopes the situation will improve.
The conservative majority is afraid of being labeled a racist, homophobe, or worse yet a Christian Conservative if they speak out. Well the time has come. It is time for a correction. The Christian and Constitutional values which made our country great must be returned to.  The conservative majority must get off the couch and return our country to the greatness it once exhibited.
American exceptionalism is not a bad thing. Our president was totally discredited and put in a box which he has no way out of by the Russian president. In other words our president was “ punked out .“
How dare the Russians talk down to America after we saved their whole society from the Germans during the second war. If not for the greatness of America sending guns food cloths and everything the Russians required to fight the Germans on the Eastern front he Russians would all be speaking German.
Our president is socially and politically inept! What do you expect from someone who never held a real job.
America’s Judicial and Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies have failed us miserably. These agencies have proven time and time again they are unable to protect us.
Currently the only person responsible for your security is you. I intend to be a wolf not a sheep. The concealed carry laws nationwide have continued to be more user friendly. Our state has taken a big step to allow our citizens to protect themselves. Thank your Republican represenitives for that.
The individuals who died Monday in Washington did not have that right without breaking the law endangering their jobs. I have always held a concealed carry permit.
I always figured I could get another job if need be but it is extremely hard to get another life.
As long as the social and political situation continues to slide to the left in this country the possibility of having to defend yourself will grow. If you decide to carry a firearm you need to be proficient with that weapon.
Take a class, this will also help if you end up in court. You also need to understand the responsibility involved in carrying a firearm. This is a constitutional right don’t take that for granted.

Woody Baird De Oppresso Liber