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Animal shelter seeks exposure through Instagram

Published 10:32am Friday, September 20, 2013

The Lake Martin Animal Shelter has been on Facebook for quite some time, but the organization recently adopted a new way to reach the public – Instagram.
Instagram is a social media website and smartphone application that allows users to share photos and videos almost immediately after they were taken.
Mia Chandler, director of LMAS, said Instagram will help her get her message out to more people.
“The main focus is exposure,” Chandler said. “We live in a tech world so this is another opportunity for us to reach folks.”
Chandler said that while photos are great, videos capture more than can be said in a two-dimensional image.
“The great thing about Instagram is the video aspect,” Chandler said. “Trying to capture the personality of an animal is difficult in text and even a two-dimensional picture.”
While many social media platforms allow users to share photos and videos, the ease of posting on Instagram makes it appealing.
“Instagram is an effective way to do that, as far as time,” Chandler said. “The other route is to take a video and transfer it to YouTube, which is really time consuming. With Instagram, you can do a 15 second video and it is up and running in about a minute’s time.”
In addition to posting videos of pets up for adoption, Chandler said it will be used to keep people up to date of the goings on with the shelter.
“A lot of people invest in us, and we want to show them what we are doing with these funds and that we are making progress,” Chandler said. “This is another opportunity to show the shelter in action.”
Chandler said she might consider doing short videos of new pet owners.
Also, Chandler said that the Instagram account could be used to show progress on pets that arrive to the shelter.
“We could show the evolution of a pet – they come in and might be skittish and a hot mess, but you could see them as they progress,” Chandler said. “For example, we could have shown Highway’s progression, from the day he arrived with his injury to his recovery. In 30 seconds, you could get the nutshell version.”
The Lake Martin Animal Shelter can be found on Instagram with the name “LakeMartinAnimalShelter.”

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