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Attend tonight’s internet safety class

Published 11:08am Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dear Editor,
This is to encourage – no, require – all parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of the young children in our community to attend Lt. Bill Hough’s Internet Safety presentation at the Adelia M. Russell Library, Alexander City at 6:00 p.m., Thursday, September 16.
As the former technology manager for Tallapoosa County Schools I can attest to the necessity of this type of awareness training and to the fine job Lt. Hough is doing in performing this vital service to our community.  Even if your child does not have a computer or if you have strict rules about internet usage you must remember that our children are constantly exposed to others that may not have your same strict rules.  Your child must be insolated against exposure to all kinds of perverted ideas and images and you cannot rely on others to do this training for you.
Lt. Hough has been doing this type of community awareness training for several years now and I was always disappointed at the low levels of turnout to these sessions.  Oh, the attendance is good, but in my mind it should be overflowing since the importance is so profound in the shaping of young children’s perceptions of the world around them.
Our schools have special software that attempts to screen the unwanted images from schools computers and currently it blocks hundreds of thousands of websites for access in the school.  The database of “bad” sites is updated daily but that still is not enough to keep all unwanted images and ideas from reaching the computer screens.  Just think about your child’s access to those sites on computers at home (or at a friend’s home) that don’t have that level of protection.  I know Lt. Hough’s focus is on the protection of our children from predators on the internet and that is absolutely needed and should be required training for all parents.   In addition to that training, all parents should be protecting their children against all the unwanted images and ideas that flood our computer screens daily.  That can only happen with your involvement in sessions like this Thursday evening’s session being offered by the Sheriff’s department and Lt. Hough.  We are so fortunate to have a law enforcement community with such professionalism and dedication to this area of criminal activity.  Please increase your awareness of your child’s Internet usage and take full advantage of this important Internet Safety presentation on Thursday.

John Prophitt
Jackson’s Gap