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BRHS, Ford to host test drive fundraiser

Published 10:31am Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Saturday, a short drive could go a long way toward helping out the young ladies who cheer on the Wildcats.
Tallapoosa Ford is teaming up with the Benjamin Russell High School cheerleaders Saturday starting at 8 a.m. for “Drive One for Education” at the Tallapoosa Ford car lot.
Leslie Wingler, general manager of Tallapoosa Ford, said the fundraiser will help raise money for the Wildcat cheerleaders.

“Ford is paying the cheerleading organization at Benjamin Russell High School $20 for everybody who test drives a car up to $6,000,” Wingler said. “They can have 300 people come test drive, and they will get $6,000. They also have an opportunity to do a little film saying what the money means to them. And if Ford chooses that out of a contest, they will double what they earn Saturday.”
Andrea Hanson, a cheer mom for the Wildcats, said the fundraiser is simple, as participants only have to test drive a car and fill out a short survey.
That short amount of time, she said, will help the cheerleaders raise money for the things they need.
“I have been trying to get this fundraiser going for a few years because you have to qualify. We finally lucked up and got it,” Hanson said. “The money goes for new uniforms, megaphones and what the girls really need.”
Wingler added that Ford does the fundraiser in the fall and spring, and as long as there is good participation, they will continue to host the fundraiser for BRHS.
“We have put in for a couple of years for Benjamin Russell to be in it, and we have finally gotten a date,” Wingler said. “They will let us keep that date as long as we have good participation. Ford will keep doing it if turnout is good because it gets people familiar with test driving, and it helps the schools out, too.”
Hanson added the event will be attended by the Sportz Blitz crew, and there will be food.
The cheerleaders will also give out Auburn and Alabama t-shirts and sunglasses.