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Let’s support our Wildcats as one

Published 10:27am Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear Editor,

Calling all Wildcat fans!! It’s that time of the year again and our Wildcats will be playing their first home football game at the Charles E. Bailey Sportplex this Friday night at 7:00pm.
I can’t imagine a better opportunity for our community to come together and support our youth and future leaders.
You see, on Friday nights at the Sportplex, it’s easy to forget we had a bad week at work or at home. Also, nobody really cares whether you’re an Auburn fan or Alabama fan. Nobody really cares whether you are a Democrat or a Republican.
Simply put, we’re more excited about supporting our Wildcat football. Think about it…….this special event every Friday night brings us together under one umbrella and for one cause.
That cause is to show everyone outside the city limits of Alex City just how proud and resilient our citizens and community continues to be.
Sure, we’ve been knocked to our knees several times in the past 10 years, but we always get up and continue to fight.
What would a Wildcat football game be without fans in the stands? What if there were no cheerleaders or no dance team???
What if the there were no Wildcat marching band? Can you imagine what it would sound like after each hard fought play by our team? SILENCE!!!
It’s very clear how hard Coach Danny Horn and his staff work to prepare a football team for each game, but let there be no mistake, our Wildcat Cheerleaders and Dance team are working just as hard.
And be completely honest, when the BRHS “Pride” of Alexander City Marching Band steps on the field and plays “Hooray for Wildcats”, you’ve got those same goose bumps and that same proud feeling that I have, don’t you?
It’s amazing looking around the stadium and seeing others just as excited as you are. It’s what I call a “community high” and it’s placed in the hearts of our citizens by this “little ole football game”.
Hey, here’s a great idea for this Friday night.  Put your “community” uniform on and get out to the Sportplex.
When these BRHS students step onto one of the finest football fields in the southeast, this will be “your” opportunity to show just how proud you are to be a Wildcat fan.
And when that PA announcer encourages you to get excited and loud, don’t turn and give him that funny look.
He may just call you out over the loud speaker. You truly don’t want that, do you??
And in closing, we expect our school leaders to always teach good sportsmanship and to help our students stay “focused” on their goals in life.
Let’s stay “focused” for these students this Friday night and give them the same effort they are giving us. Let’s make it “LOUD and CLEAR” that we are without a doubt “ONE”!!  And that’s “ONE” true Benjamin Russell Wildcat Fan!!!   Go Wildcats!!!!

Bill Young