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Open letter to anonymous good Samaritan

Published 5:59pm Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Editor,
On Friday, Aug. 30, I was in a bad situation and received help from a young nice man whose name is unkown to me. Due to the situation, I did not have a chance to properly thank him at the time, and I am hoping to get in touch with him through this article.
My story is as follows: I was going to do some shopping at Fred’s Department Store here in town, and when I pulled in the parking space, I failed to put gear shift fully into park.
I opened my door and proceeded to get out when the car started moving.
I tried to get back in to stop it, but the door knocked me down and the front wheel pinned my leg underneath.
I yelled for help and the young man came and rolled the care off my leg, pulled me out from underneath the car and picked me up off the ground.
I am bruised up and sore, but thankfully I did not have any serious injuries.
There is no way I could have helped myself, and I really appreciate what the young man did.
If everyone was ready and willing to help like this young man, the world would be a better place to live.
I hope the young man will read this article or hear about it so he can give me a call at 256-234-7427.
Thank you,
J.C. Tapley