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Never too late for new favorites

Published 1:41pm Friday, September 6, 2013

I am usually the last to know about all things pop culture. I am that guy that finally heard that song that has been popular for months. Or the one who eventually sees the summer blockbuster movie sometime the following winter, when it comes out on DVD.
The same goes for television. So after months of listening to my coworkers prattle on about the HBO show The Wire, I finally caved.
Robert Hudson loaned me the first season on DVD and warned me, “It’s addictive.”
Given that I love watching anything about police or crime, I figured I would enjoy it.
But I had no idea just how much.
I popped it into my DVD player last Wednesday. Three hours later, I had breezed through the pilot and next two episodes. I woke up the next morning and caught another episode before work.
I couldn’t get enough.
I decided to ration myself and skip a day. After all the football games wrapped up last Friday night and I settled in for the night (or morning, it was 1 a.m.), the DVD case was beckoning me.
Episode 5.
Ehh, one more.
Episode 6.
I can’t stop here …
Then came 7, followed soon by 8. By time I finished 9, the sun had started poking over the horizon and I hadn’t slept a wink all night.
It was surreal. I felt like I was no better than the crack addicts depicted in the show.
The night had blown by, my eyes were bloodshot and I still had an itching urge to get more of product I had been chasing all night.
It was like that feeling you get when you first hear your favorite song.
I had stumbled onto a new obsession, yet the show has been out since 2002.
It made me think of what else I might be missing out on. What other movies, foods, television shows or bands are out there, waiting for me to discover them.
We all get into our own little ruts, with preconceived notions about what we will or will not like. From someone that never once has really enjoyed any of the various Law and Order shows or any other crime drama (despite loving crime-centric documentaries and movies), I figured The Wire would be more of the same.
I was sorely mistaken.
I know this, the next time my coworkers tell me I have to watch a show, I am going to take their advice.
So far, they are batting 1.000.
Nelson is news editor for The Outlook.