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Truth behind latest gun control orders

Published 10:53am Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dear Editor,

I would like to take a minute to explain how gun purchases work and also explain the total stupidity of Mr. Obama’s latest executive orders concerning gun control. The amount of misinformation about gun registration is mindboggling.
First there are three classifications of gun dealer licenses numbered accordingly 1,2, and 3. I  will discuss 1 and 3. Class two deals with manufacturing. Class one dealers are your everyday common gun dealers. Class three dealers are allowed to sell machine guns, silencers, short barrel shotguns, short barrel rifles and explosive devices. When you come into my business to buy a class one firearm you are required to fill out a form 4473. This is not registration! The only firearms that are registered are class three. The form 4473 stays with the dealer. Nobody but the dealer knows what you have purchased. That form 4473 stays with the dealer until he goes out of business or has a status change in his license and is allowed to send his completed forms to the national warehouse in West Virginia. After you fill out the form 4473 the dealer calls or goes on line with the FBI to conduct a background check to see if you are allowed to possess the firearm. While conducting the background check the dealer can receive three responses to the check. The responses are PROCEED, DELAYED or DENIED. PROCEED means we can sell you the firearm. DELAYED, this means your name has thrown up a flag and we are not allowed to transfer the firearm until given a PROCEED by the FBI. This DELAY can take anywhere from three days to three weeks to get cleared to proceed with the sell or the person can get denied. DENIED means the dealer cannot proceed with the sell.
I am sure someone out there is wondering if anyone has ever been wrongly denied and the answer is yes. With identity thief at the level it is today we see a couple of wrongful denials every year. There is an appeal process in the event you get denied. Two years ago I had a customer who was an ABI agent who was governor Bob Riley’s security guard who got denied. He was cleared, but there are instances when people are wrongly denied.
Now I will cover class three devices. Class three weapons and devices are the only registered firearms in the U.S. Class three regulations came out of the National Firearms Act of 1934. This set of regulations were enacted to attempt to keep machine guns out of the hands of  gangsters. Not to be confused with gangstas. These were the real gangsters like John Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde. And you see how well that worked out as with most governmental regulations.
Now if you want to purchase a machine gun or silencer there are three ways  to do it. The first to purchase a class three device is  as an individual you fill out the form four including fingerprints and photographs then you have to get the CLEO ( Chief Law Enforcement officer) in the area where you live to approve the transaction before the forms are submitted. The second way is to submit your request under an irrevocable trust. This method does not require fingerprints, photograph or the CLEO approval. The third way is through or as a corporation. This way also does not require fingerprints, photographs or the CLEO approval. All three of these methods require a two hundred dollar fee for the permit or tax stamp to legally own.
I will explain why Mr. Obama’s executive orders will not affect crime any whatsoever. There is no loop hole Mr. Obama kept harping about. A person who could not legally purchase a firearm isn’t going to go to the trouble of creating a corporation filling out the forms waiting eight months to get cleared and then pay fifteen thousand dollars for a machine gun he can buy on the black market for five hundred. Last year there were only thirty nine thousand class three firearms transferred. Last month there were over a million class one firearms transferred. So this executive order is going to have zero effect on crime.
The other executive order Mr. Obama signed deals with obsolete military surplus firearms. We cannot import any old military surplus firearms. This will not affect crime because criminals are not going to lug a nine pound eight shot rifle around. So again our illustrious president has done nothing to affect crime. Of course he hasn’t done anything productive in the last six years.
I hope I have cleared up the any misunderstandings concerning the purchase of firearms. If you have any questions please call me at The Sure Shot and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Woody Baird
De Oppresso Liber