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Council amends yard sale ordinance

Published 5:15pm Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The council voted to amend the secondhand goods article ordinance during Tuesday meaning, which will mean changes for citizens who hold yard sales.
City license inspector Ward Sellers said the main changes involved the frequency of yard sales allowed.
“The major change is currently you are allowed one yard sale per year, but what this does is change it to one yard sale per address every three months,” Sellers said.
Sellers said that the limit will be based on a street address because of problems in the past with residents sending different people in order to skirt the one per year requirement.
The ordinance also laid out guidelines for the advertising of yard sales. Yard sales can be advertised on such means as newspapers, radio, television, cablevision, Internet, handbills and signs.
Only two signs, measuring less than 4 square feet and neither illuminated nor animated and can be placed on the property of the permitted yard sale. Signs may not be displayed more than one day prior to the sale and must be removed immediately following the yard sale’s conclusion.
The posting of handbills on utility poles and public property is also explicitly prohibited in the ordinance.
“We had a separate ordinance (that banned handbills on utility poles and public property), but I thought it would be a good idea to put it in the yard sale ordinance,” Sellers said.
Distrtict 4 Councilman Billy Ray Wall asked if there would be enforcement for the penalty given to those who fail to pick up yard sale signs, noting that he had seen several that had “been out for more than a month.”
Sellers replied that this would be the responsibility of the code enforcer, Gaines Hodnett.
Violating any section of the yard sale ordinance caries with it a fine of no less than $25 and no more than $100 following conviction or imprisonment for a period not to exceed 10 days.

Sellers said those who apply for permits will be given a letter detailing the new regulations.
In other business, the council voted to:
Declare 11,431 square feet of property no longer needed an authorize the mayor to negoaite a fair market price for sale of said property
authorize individuals to sign checks of certain accounts as selected by the finance director
authorize the mayor to execute an engineering service agreement with Terracon Consultants for a price of $27,612 for ATRIP Round III Projects
authorize the mayor to donate $30,492 to the Community Action Committee of Chambers-Tallapoosa-Coosa Head Start
approve a bid from Mount Scrap Materials for a new horizontal close door baling press for $53,961.60
waive a special events permit fee for an upcoming United Way fashion show, as well as waive open container regulations for the event. The measure was approved 4-1, with District 6 councilman Tony Goss voting no. District 2 councilwoman Sherry Ellison-Simpson was not present.