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‘Justice is for every individual’

Published 3:14pm Monday, September 2, 2013

Dear Editor,
The silent killer today is lacking concern for others. It is sad the way attitudes are displayed when bad things happen to others, and many people tend to look the other way.
Human lives are destroyed and murders are occurring while little or no remorse is shown by the accuser or bystanders watching.
When children or adults lie, steal, kill or do unlawful acts, we as parents, family members and society should not look the other way to try to rationalize as to why people do such malicious acts.
Discussions and discipline are needed to help resolve issues and guide those who are committing the acts onto the right path.
Until we as parents, adults, teachers, police officers, ministers and other leaders address real issues and begin to speak out against injustice, racial division, disobedient behaviors in the young and adults (children aren’t hte only ones doing bad, evil things), our society will continue to be off balance.
Silent killers such as apathy, lack of moral values and playing the blame games will force many children and adults to act defiant and not be concerned about the safety and well being of others.
History repeats itself for good or bad. How one perceives or looks at the past may perhaps make a difference as to how one acts in the future.
True justice has no racial boundaries nor color barriers.
Justice is for every individual, regardless of what side of town you live on or how many material goods you may own.
Justice demands that everyone be treated fairly and deems everyone to be equally important as well as a valuable member of society.
True justice only prevails when just people make the decisions to follow and obey just laws.
However, a just law in the lawbook doesn’t always guarantee that the right thing will be done concerning a given matter.
For example, a crook on a committee to help carry out or deliver a righteous law can find ways and means to twist or pervert the law to manipulate it so the law works for wicked purposes.
The saddest thing about the silent killer is that it tends to show its ugly head out in the open eventually.
People who defile and disrespect the law and think they win by doing evil acts must one day come to terms with God, their maker and themselves.
Getting away with an unrighteous act may seem OK.
However, in the end the unjust deed will unfortunately cause them to receive what has been sown (evil reward).
Isaiah 33:8 states that an honorable person acts honestly and stands firm for what is right. Let’s live right and treat others right so we can help others make society a better place for all, regardless of what you have, what you wear or where you work, etc.
When this happens, we won’t have to stand in public places to protest against injustice, and rules will be fair.
Jesus is the way! We are our brother’s keeper, and God will hold us accountable to help and love one another.
Let’s pray for God to give us local and national leaders who will rule with integrity and justice, whose eyes and ears will be opened and in tune to the needs of the people.
Ask him to help them not to be impatient any longer but act with understanding and say what they mean as well as do what they say.
Read Isaiah 32:1-8.
God Speed!
Teresa Moten
Alexander City

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