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No more forces in Middle East

Published 1:14pm Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dear Editor,
The violent events in Syria are played out in the national media daily. Our President has made several public statements over the past few months implying that the US will intervene militarily if “the red line is crossed”. In the last few days, not only has the President voiced this idea but also members of his cabinet have supported the idea that military action on the part of the US or the US and the UN or NATO may be forthcoming. Our military forces have been redirected in the Middle East indicating an intent and capability to engage in military action.
I wish to implore President Obama to follow the letter and intent of the Constitution and to restrain from committing any American forces or resources to this conflict if there is not direct threat to the national security of our nation. The Constitution calls for the President to call on the Congress for “advice and consent” in any action which involves a declaration of war. Although there has been no public discussion of a declaration of war, the actions which have been contemplated such as bombing, sending missiles, and giving weapons to the rebels(who are closely aligned with al Qaida) are obviously designed to draw us into another undeclared war.
I wish to admonish Congress for their lack of courage in providing oversight for the current administration. Going on vacation in August when there are so many pressing issues with both domestic and foreign policy is simply snubbing your nose at the American people and the trust they put in you to represent them and to hold up your end of the balance of power in our government.
Congressmen and congresswomen, representatives and senators—
You apparently lack the courage and the honesty to do the job we sent you to Washington to do. If you have one ounce of self-respect and sense of responsibility, you must stand up to this arrogant, dictatorial president and restrain his governing by fiat. You must tell him that not one more drop of American blood will be shed for the chaos in the middle east. You must force him to acknowledge the urgency of the financial and moral crises which are destroying this country from within. You must muster your courage and strength and impeach the president, if necessary, to put this country back on the path that our forefathers intended.
To my fellow citizens—
Race relations are at an all-time low in my lifetime. Our financial health is crumbling. Unemployment is almost at depression levels. Crime is rampant and on the rise almost everywhere in this country. Respect for our time honored institutions and traditions is almost nonexistent. Even the mention of Christianity in anything related to public affairs is prohibited. It is time WE stood up and said, “enough is enough”. Those of you who can write, please write your congressmen, state legislators, newspapers and periodicals. Those of you who can speak, please speak out to those who will listen. Those of you who have talents which can bring public awareness of our crisis, I implore you to use them. We were founded as a nation which valued and honored freedoms not commonly given to humans in other parts of the world. Our founders understood that with freedoms come responsibility. We must exercise our rights, our freedoms(but equally important) our responsibility for our great nation to endure.
God Bless America.
Billy Sellers
Alexander City

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