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Children don’t have a voice

Published 11:12am Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Editor,
We tell children that they matter, that they are important and we care about them.
And yet when money gets to be a factor, we take from the children.
It never fails.
For years this has been the scapegoat – children and the disabled and elderly.
We are working very hard to elect the right people that can govern in the right and proper way, that will find other places to cut from than the poor children’s activities.
We have the wrong leaders in Alabama.
They refuse to accept money that could benefit the whole state.
They refuse Alabama healthcare for the needy.
This is a group of people that is stuck on wealth.
They refuse to fix immigration reform.
When you hear little children beg and plead for citizenship because they were born here and some have finished school and can’t go any further, that raises questions. What kind of people are we? And where are our priorities, and who do they really serve?
They don’t stand for anything that matters to Alabamians.
We will keep working hard for the change that is coming so that everyone will count not just a few but all.
We all deserve to be represented by the ones elected, whether we voted for them or not.

Arlean Wyckoff
Alexander City

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