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Show some love to the Pride

Published 10:58am Friday, August 23, 2013

A newsroom can be a loud working environment. From the cacophony of clanking quarters being counted up front, to the ring of incoming calls to the chatter of reporters chasing down stories, it can be a little overwhelming.
I sometimes will retreat into some of my Spotify playlists, pumped through my headphones just loud enough to drown out the ambient workplace noise.
But as the summer draws to a close, there is a new sound that can be heard inside the newsroom. This sound is more rhythmic and pleasant to the ears.  It is a sound I am quite familiar with and one that brings back a flood of memories.
It is the sound of piercing fanfare of trumpets, and the familiar cadence of snare and bass drums – the telltale signs that the Pride of Benjamin Russell High School is back in action.
I spent middle school right up until the freshman year of college in band – though I only marched for two years. I always thought I would be a percussionist, but my band director thought differently.
“I want to play drums,” I said.
“No. You’re loud and obnoxious – you are the perfect candidate for trumpet,” he replied.
Perhaps I could have argued. But I didn’t really disagree with his assessment so a few weeks later I was the proud owner of a silver Yamaha trumpet.
Unless you played in band or are the parent of someone in the band, it is hard to comprehend the amount of work that goes into it.
It was every bit involved as any sport I have ever participated in. Every day, my fourth block was dedicated to band. During marching season, this class was followed by another few hours after school. And if my lips weren’t shot by then, nighttime was for reviewing tricky solos or measures I had trouble committing to memory. All this effort was for 10 minutes every Friday night.
And if you have never heard a trumpeter stumbling through an unfamiliar tune or the shrill squeaking of a reed from a clarinetist doing the same, you won’t understand the sacrifices many band parents make.
Yesterday we ran a story about a pancake fundraiser for the band that will be held this Saturday. The added bonus? The Pride will give those in attendance an early preview of the fruits of the labor. And from the guy who has sat and listened to it be perfected for the past couple of weeks, this will be worth the price alone.
If you are a movie fan, an ex-band member or if you just have a predilection toward flapjacks, I hope you will consider stopping by.
Money raised by fundraisers such as this allows the band to continue operating.
But if you can’t stop by for breakfast this weekend, I hope you at least take the time to watch their halftime show this season.
All too often at football games I see fans stand up the second the halftime whistle blows. There is plenty of time to grab a quick snack.
Stay in your seat for a few more minutes – Dale Bloodworth, Mike Muncher and the rest of The Pride have been working hard to make sure it will be worth your time.
Nelson is news editor for The Outlook.