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Preseason polls and the final hurrah for the BCS

Published 10:25am Thursday, August 22, 2013

If you believe a preseason college football poll has any merit, look no further than last year’s preseason polls. The USC Trojans were the preseason No. 1 choice, but that was before the first snap from center.
This season, the voters from the Associated Press got it right.
It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that Alabama should be in the No. 1 position.
Any team winning the national championship the previous year should be the preseason No. 1 until proven otherwise.
With Alabama, they are on the cusp of winning the national championship for a third consecutive year.
As long as Nick Saban is the Alabama head coach, you will not see any let up in competition or winning.
What Saban requires on and off the field sets the tone for success, not failure.
Kids know what he offers and what he expects from them. In turn, they get a minimum of three years of NFL-type coaching.
If you win it once, you had a successful year.
If you win it in back-to-back seasons that should send a message to everyone that you are doing something special.
Now if you have won the championship three out of the past four years, everyone else should be content to play for No. 2 in the final polls.
The only thing that may stop Alabama from at least playing in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 6 is an injury to their senior quarterback, A.J. McCarron.
As of now, the Crimson Tide is not experienced with any backup if McCarron gets hurt.
They have five other quarterbacks on the roster, with four of them being freshmen.
Only junior Blake Simms has any playing time. Simms has attempted only 10 passes, and that was all last season.
Speaking of polls, the USA Today Coaches’ Poll is an absolute joke.
Historically, none of the coaches who vote take the time ¬ or have the time – to watch other games during the season.
As far as the rankings go, I concur with the top five.
I believe one, if not two teams (if Alabama slips) from either Ohio State, Oregon or Stanford will play for the title.
No. 9 Louisville and their pathetic ACC schedule will be ready to move up as the SEC takes each other out.
First to fall will be No. 6 South Carolina, who plays Georgia Sept. 7. Next to fall will be No. 7 Texas A&M. The Aggies have a date with Alabama on Sept. 14.
No. 10 Florida needs to improve on the offensive side of the ball, especially in the passing game.
The Gators finished a dismal No. 118 (out of 121 teams) in passing and No. 78 in points scored in 2012.
With No. 12 LSU, the inmates run the show in Baton Rouge. They will need a parole board when the dust clears.
As the season approaches, the power conferences are posturing for more change.
Football is a fantastic sport, but it has also loathsomely become a “Bonfire of the Vanities,” with greed, power control and money being the sparks.
Finally, we have come to the 16th and final year of the Bowl Championship Series.
The college football world transitions and squirms into a new era of the sport.
Let’s face the hard facts: when England is rejoicing over the birth of a new Prince, everyone in college football knows the Southeastern Conference is the true king that lords over its subjects.
It has seven national titles in a row and is favored to win its eighth.
Just ask SEC Commissioner Mike Slive if you have any doubts about who is the best conference in the land.
Slive opened his SEC state of the union address with his usual “brag bag” of accomplishments.
Bully (pulpit) for him.
The SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC and Big-12 now control 75 percent of the money; they’ll get $5.6 billion over 12 years.
Darwinism has already claimed Big East football.
Until next time …
Meyers is a sports columnist for The Outlook. You can follow him on Twitter at @brucemeyers11.

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