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What are your top three?

Published 5:39pm Friday, August 16, 2013

What top three things do you deem crucial to your quality of life?
This is a question that the Lake Martin Young Professionals are exploring right now with community groups. It is a question that is unique to us all and by initiating a discussion – I believe we can develop defined goals for Alex City, Lake Martin, and the county.
For John and I, we agree that fellowship and great food are two components to our lifestyle.
We enjoy a rich social life with friends and family- usually over a delicious meal or a fabulous bottle of wine.
We like exploring new recipes and cooking methods as much as we enjoy meeting and making new friends.
Best of all, I treasure the laughs, conversation, exchange of ideas, and sharing of dreams.
For me personally, travel would be my third crucial element to a high quality of life.
This was born out of a love for reading.
I love exploring and I love learning about differents cultures.
I think you take a little bit of everywhere you have ever been with you and it influences and changes you.
This week I have seen two full complete rainbows and that must be lucky.
I am feeling inspired and am reminded that with rain comes inexplicable beauty.
That translates well with the new growth and direction of our city.
I would love to hear about your top three quality of life elements. Email me at
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