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Rumors aside, school will begin Monday at DHS

Published 12:11pm Thursday, August 15, 2013

The rumor made the rounds this week that, because the almost complete additions at Dadeville High School had not passed a state inspection, school might not start as planned Monday morning.

The prospect of a delayed school year was mentioned by a councilman at Monday night’s meeting at city hall. Superintendent Joe Windle said he heard it at Tuesday night’s open house at Dadeville Elementary.

Windle said Wednesday that “part of that is true.”

The top floor of Dadeville High has yet to pass inspection, though they hope to get the final sign-off Saturday morning, when the inspector comes back.

“The top floor that we need to be released hasn’t passed its final inspection, but you can let everybody know, school starts on Monday,” he said.

The problem lies in some final “life-safety issues” concerning the eight new classrooms upstairs. The required fire-alarm pull stations haven’t yet been installed in two stairwells. They’re also short a few lights and need fire doors on the bottom of the stairs.

“I was there today and I think we’ll make it,” he said. “But even it not, we’ll start school on Monday. We just won’t be able to go into those classrooms.”

The tale of the troubled renovations at Dadeville High is a saga that goes back long before Windle’s term began. He described it as “four-plus years of a project that was planned for 18 months.”

They might not make the Aug. 15 completion date, he said, but it won’t interfere with the first day of school.

“This is an exciting time of the year in education, because there’s a lot of energy and anticipation,” he said.

Open house events continue through the week, he said.

“This week, it’s kind of a rising swell until Friday,” Windle said. “Then on Monday morning around 7, it’ll be like we kicked an ant bed, with them swarming around everywhere.”