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Ready for football season

Published 12:36pm Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It’s August, and obviously that means another year of football is upon us.
Now, no matter what level of football you enjoy, I’m sure pretty much everyone in the area is excited to see a new season begin.
Football is the game of choice in this part of the country, of course.
And as is always the case, there’s a lot to look forward to on the gridiron at basically every level.
As someone who gets the pleasure of covering local high school football games each Friday night, I’m anxiously awaiting a chance to cover the schools in Alexander City and the surrounding counties.
Being new to the area naturally means I’m a little unfamiliar with the history of the programs that call Tallapoosa and Coosa counties home.
But that’s nothing a little research can’t solve.
For starters, there’s Benjamin Russell High School, a program that’s captured three state championships over the years.
Coming from Mobile, BRHS is the one team I was familiar with from this area before I even got here.
I remember always hearing about the Wildcats and their various runs throughout the state 5A playoffs.
I’m hoping to get at least one chance to see this year’s highly-anticipated team in its quest for yet another state title.
Another squad I have been hearing a lot about is the Dadeville High School Tigers.
Even last year as I covered football down in Dallas County, I consistently saw the Tigers ranked among the top 10 teams in Class 4A throughout the year.
I have also heard Dadeville is consistently stocked with athletes, which obviously makes for exciting football, so they are another local team I will be keeping an eye on this season.
I’m also hearing a lot about the Reeltown High School program, which has brought in a state title as recently as 2009.
I still have to get acquainted with other teams in the area such as Horseshoe Bend and Central Coosa, but one thing that is clear is there is a lot of good football in the area.
Lastly, one of the other things I will be excited to see this season in football is the end of the Bowl Championship Series, better known as the BCS.
The BCS started off with good intentions to right an obvious wrong of having writers vote on the national champion at year’s end.
For a while, the system did its job – matching the nation’s No. 1 team against the No. 2 ranked team.
There were ups and naturally there were downs.
From Southeastern Conference fans crying bloody murder at a system they thought was unfavorable to them after it left out an undefeated Auburn team in 2004, to a system that has unquestionably favored SEC teams by ignoring two losses in their record and the fact those teams couldn’t even win their conference.
But along with the obvious anger and outrage, the BCS has undoubtedly created some lifelong memories for sports fans.
I’m sure no one’s sad to see it go, but I think everyone is excited to see how the final year of the beleaguered system plays out.
I know, it’s a pointless exercise in anticipation, but I think I speak for most when I say I’m glad football is back.
Hudson is a staff writer for The Outlook.