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Senior computing class slated for Monday-Wednesday

Published 10:53am Monday, August 12, 2013

With computers becoming more and more prevalent in day-to-day life, it’s becoming increasingly important for those of all ages to know just how to use them.
Volunteer Connections of Central Alabama, a United Way agency, will offer basic computer classes for senior citizens Aug. 12-14 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the VCCA offices.
Betty Barnett, teacher of the class with Volunteer Connections, said the course will help seniors get better acquainted with computers.
“It will be a pretty basic computer class aimed at showing seniors how to get on the Internet, how to do searches, and have basic information about email security, helpful websites including banking and governmental sites,” Barnett said. “Students will walk away each day with something they have done so they can remember what they learned.”
There is a $20 registration fee for the class, but there will be no fee to attend each class.
Seniors are welcome to bring a USB flash drive, but there will be some available at the class for a small fee.
Barnett said the class will also teach seniors about important, useful sites, and also help them in avoiding scams.
“What we don’t want is for senior citizens to be afraid of computers because they are everywhere and are not going away,” Betty said. “We also don’t want senior citizens in our community to be taken by hoaxes that they may see on the computer. We want then to be knowledgeable and understand they can do simple things with computers.”
There will also be two more sessions of three-day classes in September. The dates will be Sept. 9-11 and Sept. 23-25.
For more information or to register for classes call 256-234-0347.

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