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College football: not just for Staurdays anymore

Published 10:07am Monday, August 12, 2013

College football no longer the “Saturday’s America.”
This is what sportswriter Dan Jenkins wrote about many years ago. It is now Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s, too.
I would suggest that everyone is hungry for exposure, but that is just a guess.
Television may also be driving the wagon. New sports networks are popping up like weeds.
The latest will be the Fox Sports Network, called Fox Sports 1, which begins Aug. 17.
It will be the most diverse sports network launched so far.
In looking to identify the best college football games every weekend, I was excited to see the many quality non-Saturday matchups there are this coming season.
Saturday will still be college football’s holy day and will still have a huge say in dictating this year’s champion.
The conference game of the year was Alabama at Texas A&M on Saturday, Sept. 14, but that may not be the case if Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel is found to be in violation of NCAA rules.
If Manziel did sign 999 autographs and subsequently received payment of $7,500 for said autographs, then “Johnny Football” will become “Johnny Come Lately.”
Don’t blame Alabama for what may turn out to be the next “perfect storm” scenario for the Crimson Tide.
With the exception of playing in the SEC Championship game, I would not bet against Nick Saban taking his herd into the next national championship game.
Most of the nation does not want to see Manziel disqualified or Bama winning by default.
As far as Saturday games go, many traditional rivalry games are still on Saturday’s calendar, but the Apple Cup and the Civil War game will not be on Saturday.
College football will play games on every day of the week.
Here is a look at the best non-Saturday games by day (best read by humming the Mickey Mouse Club theme song):
Sunday:  Brigham Young will never play on the Sabbath, but there is plenty of pew space beginning Sept. 1 as BCS contender Louisville hosts Ohio, while over in the land of “getting high” (and I am not referring to the altitude), Colorado will be playing Colorado State.
For those of you scratching your heads, as of May 31, Colorado is now a marijuana legal state.  You can grow and smoke at will.
Monday: The mamas and papas hated this day, but that was before the Supreme Court deregulated college football programming.
This season, the opening act will be Florida State at Pittsburgh Sept. 2 and the BCS title game will be at the Rose Bowl Jan. 6, 2014.
Tuesday: Had Bobby Petrino stayed in Arkansas, this may have been his motorcycle club night out.
Instead, Petrino’s fall from his bike (and from grace) landed him at Western Kentucky (another bad fall) and an Oct. 15 Sun Belt showdown with Louisiana-Lafayette.
Wednesday: Tommy Tuberville, the former Auburn and Texas Tech coach, has taken over at Cincinnati just in time for an exciting road trip to Memphis on Oct. 30.
Thursday: Can’t remember when we had any quality programming on a Thursday, so college football stepped in and scheduled 17 games, with USC visiting Norm Chow’s Hawaii on Aug. 29.
The Nov. 7 game between Oregon and Stanford will be one to watch.
Friday: also known as “date night” in Boise, Idaho. The boys in blue play three times on Friday night.
Did you figure out by now that I was pulling your lanyard in regards to the non-Saturday games being quality?
Notes on a scorecard:  Did baseball do enough with the Biogenesis suspensions?
Answer: No, it wasn’t even close to doing enough, and Alex Rodriguez should be kicked out of baseball.
Here is a person who lied to everyone and attempted to payoff others to keep quiet.
Instead, this person was in the lineup for the Yankees Monday night.
He played third, batted fourth and pleaded the fifth.
Until next time…
Meyers is a sports columnist for The Outlook. You can follow him on Twitter at @brucemeyers11.