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Crime decreases in city

Published 10:33am Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A recent Crime in Alabama report is showing decreases in crime for Alexander City, and the Alexander City Police Department continues to see decreases in its numbers as well.
The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center’s Crime in Alabama report saw decreases in several areas for Alexander City.
The report covers statistics for the crimes of homicide, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft for 2011-2012.
Alexander City had an 83 percent decrease in reported rape cases in 2012, with two cases compared to 12 in 2011.
The city also had a 34 percent decrease in assaults, as cases dropped from 115 down to 76.
Burglaries also fell from 206 cases to 126, a 39 percent decrease, while motor vehicle thefts decreased from 35 in 2011 to 27, a 23 percent decrease.
ACPD Chief Willie Robinson said the department is also seeing decreases in their own stats for 2013 in the index crimes of robbery, assaults, burglary, auto theft, theft first degree, theft second degree and arson.
“The total decrease in the index crimes is 37 percent, and that comes from the hard work of the detectives and the police in the patrol division working together as one,” Robinson said. “We have a crime analysis team, and what they do is talk it over once a month and look at the crime stats to see where they need to beef up patrol and see what kind of crime we have in that area.”
Robinson added the department is seeing a decrease in thefts, with a 57 percent decrease in first degree theft, 29 percent decrease in second degree theft and a 43 percent decrease in burglaries so far in 2013.
Robinson added that theft numbers usually fluctuate because theft is a crime of opportunity.
“Theft is usually a crime of opportunity because people leave doors unlocked in their automobiles and leave property visible to an eye of a perpetrator,” Robinson said.