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Has Manziel played his last game for TAMU?

Published 9:48am Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Let’s see: an outgoing personality who is just as famous for being famous as he is for his performance. Who then does Johnny Manziel remind me of? How about Kim Kardashian?
They both come from incredibly wealthy backgrounds.
Johnny is known for being fleet of foot, Kardashian for being great of gluteus.
Johnny (who is not of drinking age, mind you) has been seen putting a lot of beer in his belly.
Kardashian is most recently famous for birthing a baby from her belly.
Manziel is known by the name “Johnny Football.”
Kim named her child North West. Both are practically walking reality shows.
What is really ironic is that both publicly decry their own celebrity status while doing practically nothing to stem the media onslaught.
For instance, if you listen to Manziel’s recent interviews you would think he was all about his teammates and how the Texas A&M Aggies will do in 2013.
Meanwhile, every day there is a new story about Johnny guzzling brews, tossing golf clubs or fighting in bars.
Then came this past Sunday, when it was announced that the NCAA is investigating Manziel for selling his autographed memorabilia.
Uh oh. This violation may be one bullet even Johnny Football cannot dodge.
My first question for Johnny is, “why in the world are you wasting time in Miami by signing autographs for a few thousand dollars? YOU ARE RICH! You should be out doing what you usually do: partying and flirting! It’s not like Johnny Football would be paying for covers or drinks anyway!”
But I am not going to look at this from Manziel’s perspective.
The better question is: What does Texas A&M do?
Should the Aggies be proactive and suspend their Heisman-winning QB?
That could very well save their season in 2013.
No, they won’t be a national contender anymore, but the other players on the team will be able to play for SOMETHING!
Or should they roll the dice and do nothing?
Auburn took that approach in 2010 with Cam Newton and rolled like, 14 sevens in a row.
A&M may just force the NCAA’s hand in hopes that the recent bad press surrounding college’s governing body can manufacture some sympathy (or forgetfulness) from a usually heartless organization.
And what about the NCAA? That group has bungled more cases than Inspector Clouseau on meth lately.
Does it really need more egg on its face?
With the Miami Hurricanes lingering like flatulence in a hyperbaric chamber and the Ed O’Bannon “should-athletes-be-paid” lawsuit ongoing, I don’t think it does.
Maybe the NCAA will just gamble that a case like this will drift from the public consciousness… eventually.
How will the SEC want this issue resolved?
Here comes ANOTHER investigation for the sport’s best league, and this time it involves a pledge.
A “new boy?” Missouri may have stunk it up on the field but the Tigers weren’t embroiled in any controversy.
Side note: Missouri, if your players were paid illegally for 2012, it may be best to demand a refund.
Let’s throw in the Downtown Athletic Club while we are at it.
You think they regret finally giving a freshman the most coveted individual award in college sports yet? For decades one of the arguments against voting for a freshman was his inevitable inability to deal with the subsequent limelight.
Somewhere in the great press box in the sky Beano Cook is probably saying, “I tried to tell ya!”
But don’t be so hard on yourself, Heisman voters; I have a feeling Johnny was headed down the wrong path with or without your trophy.
I have no idea what will happen with Johnny Football.
New developments have probably come to light since I emailed this column to The Outlook.
If I had to guess, though, I am going to bet that the reigning Heisman winner has already played his final game in College Station.
Robinson is a sports columnist for The Outlook.