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Stop asking, ‘Why can’t we just get along?’

Published 11:29am Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear Editor,
In response to the frequently cry of “why can’t we just get along” I wish to respond that it takes understanding and education to be able to get along with people reared in different countries, and with different customs and religions.
We make no effort to understand where people of different backgrounds come from intellectually, therefore we fail to understand the ground rules “for getting along.”
If we don’t pretend to understand how the Chinese or Hindus think, why do we think we understand how Muslims think or understand the rules that they live and worship by?
Without understanding the ground rules we can’t expect to have a positive outcome to negotiations, a battle or even a conversation.
Islam is a complete civilization with a detailed political system, legal code and religion.
In fact, we understand so little of Islam that we don’t realize that we are engaged in a battle here in the United States.
If you doubt that just look at Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries and all of Europe. They have lost half the battle, and if they don’t wake up and realize that a battle is taking place and stop this “why can’t we just get along” defense, they will soon be Muslim countries.
The most basic Rule of Engagement with Muslims is understanding that they don’t have a society, laws, or religion based on the Golden Rule.
Christian countries all have societal standards and legal systems based on that gold standard.
No, we haven’t always managed to live up to that standard, but it is still the goal that we aim for.
Laws and customs for Muslim behavior are laid down in the Koran, (or Qur’an) which is the word of Allah as delivered to Mohammed.
It is also based on the example of the life of Mohammad in the Sira, and his sayings in the Hadith.
More space is dedicated to the treatment of Kafirs (Non-Muslims) in the Trilogy (Koran, Sira and Hadith) than how to be a good Muslim.
Muslims have laws for Muslim men and another set for Non-Muslims. Non-Muslims, are called Kafirs in the Koran and Sira (a pejorative worse than the N word) and are second class subjects that are never equal to a Muslim.
Women are ruled by yet another set of laws and are subjugated to men.
There can never be a reinterpretation of these books, which are the basis for Muslim civilization, law and religion because Allah’s word and Mohammad’s life are perfect and are not open to criticism or reevaluation according to Muslims.
The concept of “good” as we know it doesn’t exist in Islam – only the example of Mohammad’s life defines “good.”
Therefore when a jihadist or suicide bomber commits an atrocity they are following the example of Mohammad, which for Muslims is their gold standard for “good” behavior.
The jihadist is mainstream and the “good Muslim,” NOT the nice man we know from work.

Sherry Sellers

  • bamaboy65

    The muslim religion is one of hate and killing non muslims. Their koran says so, I have a copy. If they want to live here then go by our standards and laws. Do not expect to make their own laws and standards here and expect the country to follow them or even respect them. So in response to “why can’t we all just get along” Why don’t we say “enough with the brainwashing” about islam being so peaceful and call it what it is, hate filled murderers who use a dead prophet as an excuse to kill and oppress the world around them and to push their alli babba bull on the rest of us. Nuff said!