Two tuba players count as they play during practice Tuesday afternoon. Full band camp starts next week. | Austin Nelson
Two tuba players count as they play during practice Tuesday afternoon. Full band camp starts next week. | Austin Nelson

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Pride Marching band mixes “Fantasy and Fiction” for halftime show

Published 10:35am Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This year when the Pride of Benjamin Russell High School hits the field for the football halftime show, band director Dale Bloodworth said it will be “high energy from start to finish.”
The title of the show will be “Fantasy and Fiction.”
“It features the work of three noted fantasy film and science fiction composers,” Bloodworth said. “It will feature a lot of recognizable tunes.”
Michael Giacchino, who worked on the 2009 movie Star Trek, will be featured throughout the first part of the show and was composed by Bloodworth. The second section will feature the music of Danny Elfman and is the brainchild of assistant band director Mike Muncher.
“The second tune features music from Beetlejuice, Tales from the Crypt and the Breakfast Machine song from PeeWee’s Big Adventure,” Muncher said.

Muncher said he has been itching to write a version of the Breakfast Machine for years after hearing other poor arrangements of the piece.
The third section of the show was co-written by Bloodworth and Muncher and features the music of John Williams.
“The closer features Duel of the Fates from the Phantom Meanace, Yoda’s Theme from Empire Strikes Back, the Krypton Fanfare from the orginal Superman movie and the Nimbus music from Harry potter,” Muncher said. “The kids are super excited about it and it is coming together very quickly.”
Bloodworth is excited about this year’s show as he says this year’s band is strong.
“We are good playing band, and that is a product of years of hard work and building leadership,” Bloodworth said. “Each year we have set the bar higher and higher. We are traveling to Chicago this year for the Thanksgiving Parade. I told the kids they should expect a lot out of each other this year. They want to be good and represent our community and themselves well.”
Next week Bloodworth and the Pride will work to putting music to drill, hitting the field for a week of band camp. This will present its own challenge, as many of the themes are meant to accompany dramatic movie action scenes.
“This stuff was written as background music for action, but we do it a little backwards,” Bloodworth said. “We feature the music then add the action to it. We chose nice colors for our color guard flags, and the routines are very dynamic. We are just trying to set up our kids for success.”