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Locals receive recognition for helping troops

Published 1:55pm Tuesday, July 16, 2013

With troops overseas sacrificing in service of their country, one couple wanted to find some way they could show appreciation of that service.

Rebecca and Charles Howard recently received framed plaques containing U.S. flags thanking them for their patronage to armed forces members.

The gift came after the couple donating about 75 pounds of chocolate and treats to Alfonso Quintero, the chief contractor for the U.S Army Corps of Engineers in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Rebecca has known Quintero for 40 years, as they first met at Montebello High School in Montebello, Ca.

“Last year, I sent him close to 75 pounds of American chocolate. So the Lt. Col. of the army in that particular city was impressed and pleased we sent that to him,” Rebecca said. “They thanked us for contribution and patronage for sending those things. When we got them (the plaques), I just cried because it was very honorable.”

The plaques contain flags flown where Quintero was stationed in Kandahar.

But Rebecca’s sending gifts to Quintero was not just to help out a friend, it was also from a strong love of country.
Rebecca’s husband, Charles,