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Voting rights act is alive and well

Published 10:46am Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear editor,

You can’t erase history. It happened. People were beat, killed and thrown in jail for protesting for what they believe in.

It was their right that soon became the law. Now part of the law was struck down because of Shelby County.

We will continue the struggle and pray that we can get money out of politics, and we will continue to operate with fairness. All the money in the world won’t give you the victory of God’s children.

When you stop and take a good hard look at where the Republican party is, you could ask why Mitt Romney didn’t win. Why is the Republican party losing with all this money? They don’t have a leader – better yet, what do they stand for? They only represent what is important for a few American people. That few won’t be able to save the Republican party.

I pray they will go back to Washington and pass the bills that are important to the American people and stop using money to score points against the American people. In the end the people will win because we have God fighting for us.

We are not worried about the Voter Right Act – concerned, but not worried.

Arlene Wyckoff