Mayor Charles Shaw swears in Chief Willie Robinson in the municipal courtroom Monday. | Ed Bailey
Mayor Charles Shaw swears in Chief Willie Robinson in the municipal courtroom Monday. | Ed Bailey

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Robinson details goals as ACPD chief

Published 10:43am Friday, July 12, 2013

As Willie Robinson has stepped in as the new chief of the Alexander City Police Department, he has entered a new role.

But with nearly 35 years of law-enforcement experience, he is not exactly worried about the challenges that lie ahead.

Robinson now officially sits in the chief’s chair at the head of the ACPD, and he is excited about his new role with the department.

“It feels great. It feels like my goals have been accomplished in life. I always wanted to be a police officer, and now I’m on top,” Robinson said. “I’ve got a vision. I want to continue keeping this police department moving forward.”

Part of that vision, Robinson said, is to get officers out into the community more often and to build a stronger relationship between the officers and the community they protect and serve.

“We’ve got a lot of good men and women who are committed and dedicated to keeping Alex City safe,” Robinson said. “We want to get back to the basics. I want my police officers to interact with the community, and I want a good, strong community backing the police department. When that happens, everybody wins except for the bad guys.”

Robinson said he is taking over a department that is already in good shape, and he hopes to continue having a department of well trained, highly motivated, professional men and women.

Robinson added that no big changes need to be made to the department, but he has made some minor changes after assuming the role of chief.

“We are pretty well organized. I have restructured my police department a little bit. Where we had a lieutenant over the detective department, now we’ve got a captain – Capt. Tommy Lovett – over the detective division,” Robinson said. “He is also going to be over the Crime Interdiction Task Force, and he was already over the SRG – the SWAT team, so to speak – and will also coordinate with the Tallapoosa County Task Force.”

Along with more interaction with the community, Robinson said he wants officers to maintain high visibility throughout the city.

“My officers are going to get out of their patrol cars a little bit more. We do that a little now, but we are now going to do it a little bit more to interact with the community,” Robinson said. “We want to maintain high visibility in all neighborhoods, and we are going to continue to have a high visibility on U.S. Highway 280 to cut down on the traffic accidents and things like that.”

Robinson’s new role will include overseeing the entire department, managing the budget and making sure the officers have what they need to keep the city safen along with that he’s looking to work with others to face the challenges that arise each day.

“I’m just waiting on the challenges day by day. I’m willing to work with my council and my mayor,” Robinson said. “I really appreciate them selecting me as the chief of the Alexander City Police Department. I’m going to give my all, and I’m willing to work with anybody.”