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Courthouse needs some TLC

Published 6:56pm Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Editor,

Over our Fourth of July holiday my husband and I had the privilege of visiting both of the Tallapoosa County Courthouses. While handling business within different departments, we noticed the difference in the care each courthouse received.

While taking into consideration the age difference of each building, we could not get over the fact of the cleanliness or lack there of the courthouse in Dadeville received. Within our 30-minute visit we came into contact with disgusting and filthy handrails, dead and decaying roaches and a restroom with no toilet paper. In one restroom it looked like if I were to sit on the toilet I would fall to the bottom floor.

The floors on the main hall were riddled with sticky spots and dingy rings. I know that I am not a full-time resident of Tallapoosa County, but we pride ourselves in knowing this is our home away from home. The care and maintenance at this historical landmark is utterly ridiculous, and I would imagine the people of Tallapoosa County would pride themselves in having a beautiful courthouse to conduct business.

Stephanie Lawson