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Fireworks aftermath

Published 7:05pm Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fourth of July is over, and many citizens may be wondering what to do with a yard full of spent paper and firework casings.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety urges safety when discarding used fireworks this Fourth of July.

“What we like to tell people is designate an area for fireworks that you want to dispose of and leave them there quite a while,” said NCFS spokesperson Ralph Apel. “You want to make absolutely sure there are no embers, no smoldering and no smoke coming out.”

Apel said once you are sure the fireworks are extinguished, put them in a container such as a trash can and let it sit over night. Apel said to make sure the container is placed far from a structure such as a house or garage.

After they sit overnight, used fireworks can be discarded along with other household garbage.

“It is real similar to having a barbecue. You want to clean the coals out and make sure they are all out before throwing them in a trash can,” Apel said. “Fireworks are made out of paper and cardboard so make sure everything is extinguished. If there is any question, always soak them in a bucket of water.”

For those who still have fireworks leftover after the Fourth, Apel says these can be stored carefully and kept for later use.

“Keep them in a dry, relatively cool place out of the weather,” Apel said. “Keep them from getting wet and they will probably keep until New Years.”

Apel said to store it in the original packaging if possible so people will know what is inside.

“If you have children, make sure to store the fireworks where they can’t get to them,” Apel said.