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Windle wins award for involvement in legislative matters

Published 12:01pm Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tallapoosa County can boast an award winning superintendent.

Joe Windle of the Tallapoosa County Schools was recognized for his involvement with the legislature with an award presentation during the Alabama Schools Superintendents Association summer meeting.

“They recognized three superintendents from different systems for visiting during the sessions, for contacting the legislators and meeting with them and for promoting our agenda for funding for education,” Windle said. “I was surprised. I was surprised to receive the recognition.”

Windle was honored for attending seven times while the legislature was in session.

“I think it’s important though that our superintendents and education leaders be involved with the legislative process,” Windle said. “While they were in session, I went to Montgomery seven different times. I talked a lot to Rep. Tuggle and Sen. Whatley and visited the committee meetings when the committees were in session discussing educational issues.”

Windle said it’s important to make the legislature know the needs in public education “whether its funding, curriculum or issues that arise throughout the year.”

“I think they listen to our issues, and I believe that they support public education, but there are a lot of struggles with limited resources,” Windle said. “There are only so many resources. Do we get everything need? No. But do they listen? Yes, they listen to us.”

Windle said on days he visited – often on days when it was recommended someone go from this district to represent the superintendents association – he spent the whole day there “attending committee meetings and meeting face to face with our legislators.”

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Windle said. “I think it’s important that we work with them throughout the year but especially when they’re in session. It’s a captive audience at that point, and that’s a time that they’re making the decisions on laws that will be passed.”

And Windle said legislative involvement is something he will continue to make a priority.

“I think it all starts with being involved,” Windle said. “I think it’s part of a superintendent’s responsibility to work to get issues that are favorable to public education on the table and get them discussed. I think it’s important that superintendents work to get resources for public education and for their districts.

“I think those are some major responsibilities that come with being a school superintendent.”