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U txt n drive?

Published 11:52am Friday, June 28, 2013

Attorney general’s campaign targets texting while driving

Attorney General Luther Strange has partnered with U-Haul and the University of Alabama at Birmingham to raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving.

Strange has joined UAB and U-Haul to present the “Arrive Alive: Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks!” program to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving in Alabama.

As a part of the program, an event was hosted at the UAB Campus Recreation Facility that featured the “Save-A-Life Tour, Distracted-Driving Program” which showcased videos and simulators.

Strange said it is important to raise awareness in order to keep those on the roads safe from accidents.

“It is important that people obey the law and make good choices when it comes to keeping themselves, their families and everyone on the road in Alabama safe,” Strange said. “I am proud to partner with U-Haul and the University of Alabama at Birmingham to spread this message of safety to the people of Alabama.”

The Attorney General’s Office, UAB and U-Haul will also be launching a statewide campaign featuring posters to be located in all Alabama U-Haul locations to remind people not to text and drive.

A statewide ban on texting while driving has been in effect since 2012, and Sgt. James Orr with the Alexander City Police Department said officers have been enforcing the law to prevent the dangerous distraction.

“The thing about texting and driving is that it takes your eyes off the road. It’s a distraction,” Orr said. “Driving an automobile requires your eyes and your focus being on the road. If you focus on texting, it takes your focus away from driving, which causes accidents. You have to stay focused because when you are texting or using your cell phone while driving, that’s when most accidents occur.”