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Rye: Chamber unaffiliated with county guide

Published 11:47am Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Alexander City Chamber of Commerce is alerting members that a business is falsely claiming it is selling ads for the benefit of the chamber and its members.

Ann Rye, chamber executive director, said the chamber alerted its members Tuesday that a business has been selling ads for a Community Guide for Tallapoosa County and claiming to be on a mission for the chamber.

“From my understanding, it’s not uncommon for people to oftentimes try to connect themselves to the chamber to give their business validity,” Rye said. “But we have had a company in town that has been trying to sell advertisements for a guide to Tallapoosa County and saying they were working with the chamber, and that is just inaccurate and fraudulent.”

Rye said the chamber sent out the alert to protect the members of the chamber.

“We let our membership know because we want to protect them from spending their marketing dollars thinking that they are spending it local with their chamber when in fact we do not have a relationship with that company,” Rye said.

Rye advised that average citizens who are not sure if a business is with the chamber should pick up the phone and give the chamber of commerce a call.

“I think for the average person, if the business is not with the chamber, it would be rather difficult to identify that other than to pick up the phone, which I would encourage them to do,” Rye said. “They should call us and verify.”

As for chamber members, Rye said there are always efforts to keep the membership up to date on any projects that are going on.

“For our members, we regularly send out a newsletter Thursdays, and we identify projects we are working on,” Rye said. ‘We are always trying to communicate to our membership what we are doing to help them. If there is anything we engage in, it should be to promote those businesses that are members of the chamber.”


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