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Funding should not be cut from Head Start

Published 12:07pm Friday, June 21, 2013

Dear Editor,

There are some members in Congress that feel this program is a waste of money.

But we the people know they are wrong.

These children really excel with their young minds.

They have lovely, kind teachers that care enough to go that extra mile.

Head Start, kindergarten, and pre-K all deserve their time and voices to be heard.

They need to come from Washington and visit on of these programs and stop cutting their money and start protecting these programs.

When you hear Republicans talk about Head Start, they say it is a waste of money – they have been trying to get rid of the program or years.

They never say anything good about it.

It works, and when the children enter the first grade they are really smart.

Their little minds have really excelled.

These children programs need more protection than they are getting.

The Republican Party fixed the cut to the airline because they had to fly.

So they replace the money by cutting Head Start and SNAP program taking from the lease among us.

They will suffer God’s wrath in 2014.

They will be scared for life.

God’s word is real, and when he sends his work out it won’t return void –it will have accomplished what it is sent out to do.

Arlean Wyckoff