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Camp Hill gallery to host book signing, reading

Published 1:46pm Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camp Hill will soon play host to a book signing that will feature a variety of literary styles from around the state of Alabama.

A free signing for the book Chinaberries and Crows will be held at Keen Zero Gallery in Camp Hill Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

Dean Bonner, one of the signing’s organizers, said the book is a Southern anthology written by 40 regionally and nationally recognized authors, including members of the Mystic Order of East Alabama Fiction Writers.

“Four of the Mystic Order of East Alabama Fiction Writers will be there, along with several of the other 40 authors of Chinaberries and Crows,” Bonner said. “The book is a southern collection of poetry, prose and short stories, all connected to Alabama.”

Mystics attending include Gail Langley, Mary Dansak, Marian Carcache and Judith Nunn.

Other books by the Mystics include Be The Flame and The Ploy of Cooking.

Author Dottie McKissick will also attend the signing.

Bonner said the book includes free-form poetry, structured poetry and even some humor.

“Some of it is kind of Southern Gothic, some humorous, coming-of-age stuff and flavor of the South,” Bonner said. “They all have a connection to Alabama.”

Bonner said the signing will offer up a literary style that fits with the tradition of the area.

“It’s a taste of the South,” Bonner said. “Camp Hill does have a fairly strong literary tradition and arts tradition going back to the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s, as well as with the book clubs.”