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Robinson thrives as acting chief

Published 10:55am Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear Editor,

Acting Chief Willie George Robinson has stopped up to the appointment and carrying on with the progression of the Alexander City Police Department.

He is no stranger to Alexander City and known for his many years of devotion to our police department that he now directs.

Our Acting Chief is a dynamic, professional and well qualified man of God who serves all citizens. His record of being on the dept. staff faithfully is outstanding and proves that he is indeed qualified for this temporary assignment.

Chief Rafford gave a very brief notice of plans to resign from the Alexander City Police Department as Chief of Police. Within a few weeks notice the council assigned Deputy Chief Willie George Robinson was assigned to the task. He’s been doing a great job.

Soon the position of Alexander City Police Chief will be open for applications to qualified people. I believe and pray that if Acting Police Chief Willie George Robinson is interested in applying he will stand a great chance of being chosen because of his qualifications and years of dedicated service to the Alexander City Police Department. Acting Chief Willie George had the opportunity to work under the administration of former police chief, Charles Rafford.

If there are other people on the present Alexander City Police Department unit who have better ranking, more service years and are better qualified with as much expertise, experience, work ethic, job training and outside training, I think they should come forth if interested in applying for the position.

Acting Chief Willie George Robinson graduated in our city, stayed here and got married. He and his wife have been married for many years. He loves people and his work at the police department. Acting Chief Willie George seems to help others as well as work for the advancement of the police department and our community. He serves at his church and volunteers in the community.

Acting Chief Willie George is known for helping people after his work shift is over. He is a man of character, honest and has an outstanding work record. His record has been clean with the Alexander City Police Department. As far as I know, he has not been charged with any unethical or prejudicial reprimands.

Before we go out of town, I would like to recommend to the Mayor, City Council, or whoever is in position to recruit or hire the next Chief of Police to help bring Alexander City to a new crossroad with so many changes happening in our city and eyes on us to see if the city of Alexander City can thrive after many setbacks, program cuts, new leadership, job losses and uncertainties on ways to bring in revenues and companies. Please check out those who we already have in our city and be unbiased, looking at qualifications work ethics, community feedback and service to the Police Department and City of Alexander City.

I believe we won’t find a better candidate for the position than Acting Chief Willie George Robinson. Without a moment’s hesitation he took the reign and stepped up to the offer to help keep Alexander City Police Department running smoothly at a time when the Chief of Police, Charles Rafford, decided that Alexander City was no longer the place that he desired to serve as Chief of Police and resigned with such short notice.

Ask neighbors, police staff, community leaders, pastors, families, former policemen and citizens about candidates applying for the position of Chief of Police of Alexander City, Alabama before placing anyone inside or outside the city to this very crucial, and important position.

Seek someone who is deserving. Please don’t do the buddy system. Think about Alexander City and our citizens ‘ needs. Look for someone who cares about the progress of the city and how to improve it for generations to live here in the future.

Check out all applicants’ qualifications that coincide with duties of the department. Don’t jump the gun and try to fill the position hastily.

For those who are Christians pray that God’s divine will be done. So that Alexander City will be a city on a hill that cannot be hidden, and a light for others in cities far and near to see us shining and doing great exploits and positive things to bring about a prosperous city with kind, compassionate and law abiding people showing concern and support to all Alexander City citizens.

Teresa Moten