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Winning attitudes

Published 8:08pm Friday, June 7, 2013

Three cheers to Central Alabama!

The Trojans achieved what is almost statistically impossible: all their men’s athletic teams won national championship titles this year.

Look at it another way: half of the school’s four squads are the best in the land.

Any way you look at it, Central Alabama has experience off-the-charts success in their athletic programs during 2013. Both the golf and baseball teams have been crowned the best in America in their division.

That doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because of hard work, dedication, top-notch leadership and community support.

And it happens to those who have a winning attitude.

Thursday afternoon CACC held a celebration event on the school baseball. Both the golf and baseball teams rode on a flatbed trailer from Alexander City’s City Hall to the Central Alabama campus then marched onto the field where they were rightfully praised and applauded. The teams then signed posters for their fans, who formed a line that stretched outside the ballpark fence for the event.

I was there to shoot photos of the players and get a poster signed to hang on The Outlook’s wall.

I am proud of what Central Alabama has achieved and what it means for our community: we are the home of winners. And I want a constant reminder in our office.

I think that’s especially important for our community-at-large to internalize.

Just a week ago, we heard that Russell Brands will cut 200 more jobs in our community. It was the latest in a decade-long string of disappointments for Alexander City, which was once known as the home of one of the best textile manufacturing companies in America. And it’s easy to get beat down – especially since the beatings seem to keep on coming.

But I’d like to suggest that Alexander City take a different view of itself.

We’re a town of winners. And I’m not just speaking about Central Alabama’s athletic teams.

I’m talking about the people who live here. We’ve created a community where extraordinary things can happen. Alexander City is a place where hard work, dedication, top-notch leadership and community support can bring great rewards.

Our town burned to the ground in 1902. We rebuilt it and thrived.

Russell Corp. began small, and over the better part of a century became a national leader, a Fortune 500 company.

Central Alabama has done the same thing. It wasn’t that long ago that the campus was a golf course and there was no institute of higher learning in our town.

And I believe that Alexander City will continue to produce many other organizations and people who will be recognized as national leaders.

Russell Lands is doing that right now in the way it is developing its holdings on Lake Martin – converting what used to be a back-water pine plantation into a model of well-managed development, taking something of value and making it into something of much, much greater value.

It’s almost like the potential for achieving greatness is baked into our community DNA.

I’m no Pollyanna. I understand that a bad bounce on the golf course or the baseball diamond, or in the manufacturing world or the real estate market, can play a huge role in the eventual success of an organization. And I also understand that nothing will last forever.

But Alexander City has a secret weapon that many other communities have never had – we have been, and are today, winners on a grand scale.

And we should always remember that.

My hat’s off to the Trojans for reminding us in spectacular fashion this season.

Boone is publisher of The Outlook.