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Volunteers help demonstrate greatness

Published 8:09pm Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear editor,

So often we fail to recognize the greatness in those with whom we live. It’s almost as if we can’t see the full length and breadth of the person’s life because we are standing too close.

Sometimes we have to take a few steps back to really appreciate those around us.

On Monday, our community held an event, “Dig into Reading,” to kick-off a summer reading program and promote reading for the children in the community and surrounding area. The program was the brain-child of one of our local heroes, who has a passion for helping children and promoting education for our future leaders.

The children, more than 350 of them, along with their chaperones assembled at Strand Park and were entertained by local cheerleaders, the Auburn mascot Aubie and a wonderful dinosaur display from the McWane Science Center and much more. Then each group of children paraded from Strand Park up to the Children’s Library for more fun and entertainment, all built around story time. There were educators, judges, pastors, police and firemen, local business men and women, the mayor of our city and others… all stationed at different places, equipped with books to read to the different groups of children, and they were honored to be there.

As I watched and listened to the children ooh and ahh while the leaders of the community read aloud to them, it made me realize how much I love this city and those who give of their time and talents. The children laughed and clapped, and surprisingly no one was crying.

The area was filled with volunteers, cooking hot dogs, packing lunch sacks, handing out bottled water, directing the masses of children from one station to the next and doing everything in their power to make it a success.

And it was a success!

It was just a fine day. I am so glad I had the privilege to be a small part of the celebration of educating our future generation on the importance of learning and reading and that our leaders turned out in droves to be a part of the process.

It speaks volumes about the greatness of our community.

I say again, “So often we fail to recognize the greatness in those with whom we live!”  Those people around you – and also you – have been placed there for a reason, and greatness is in you and our children. They/We do not see it, always, so it is our job to help them/us get there.

I encourage you today to step back a little and re-examine those around you. Search for the greatness in them, especially our children, and help clear the path so they can stretch and grow into their full potential.

Let’s honor those volunteers who give of their time and talents to provide for others. If you can, join or support a volunteer organization.

Guess what? It will add value to you and more importantly add value to those around you. Mark 6:4.

Have a wonderful day,

James Dodwell