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Marla Browne leaves Christian Crisis Center

Published 11:36am Thursday, June 6, 2013

Marla Browne is finishing her final week with the Tallapoosa Christian Crisis Center.

Browne, who served for nearly two years as the executive director of the Tallapoosa Christian Crisis Center, will move on to new things after this week.

Browne said she has enjoyed her work with the TCCC and is thankful for her time in Alexander City.

“The crisis center is one of the finest organizations I have ever had the privilege of being associated with,” Browne said. “The good the organization strives to do is just tremendous. I’m sad my time there is over, but they will find someone phenomenal to take it where it needs to go.”

Although she will leave the crisis center behind, Browne will continue to work in the nonprofit field when she makes the move to her new position in North Carolina.

“I have been given a really great opportunity in the nonprofit field. A nice-sized organization out-of-state gave me an opportunity I couldn’t turn down,” Browne said. “My family and I together are excited about it. It’s just time to move forward.”

Browne said her love for charity work and helping others is why she will remain in the field.

“I love nonprofits. I love nonprofits in the nonpublic sector, like the faith -based and those that don’t have as many regulations, because you have a lot of flexibility to do what the human response is and help someone in need,” Browne said. “It’s not a textbook answer – nothing is black and white – and you are offered that flexibility to do what that individual needs at that particular time and to help them in the future.”

Browne added she is thankful for all of the social services organizations and people she has had the opportunity to work with in Alexander City.

“I want to thank tremendously all the other social service agencies I have had the good fortune to work with,” Browne said. “I want to thank Melissa Poe at the Red Cross, Susan Hardy at the Salvation Army, EMA director Joe Paul Boone and everyone. There is just a tremendous social service organization presence here, and I am honored to have worked with them.”