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First Presbyterian welcomes pastor McClendon

Published 11:38am Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Presbyterian Church of Alexander City is welcoming a new pastor to lead its congregation.

Bruce McClendon is the new pastor of First Presbyterian Church.

Originally from Cullman, Ala., McClendon has been a pastor for nearly 30 years with stops in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the Washington D.C. area.

He said he was called back to the ministry after a few years in retirement operating a mental health institution in Williamsburg, Va.

“We looked at several churches, and we felt very strongly that God was calling us to Alabama,” McClendon said. “The Lord just seemed to be saying, ‘You have done what you set out to do with this business. Now that you have accomplished that, it is time to get back in the ministry.’”

McClendon said he will now assume the role of providing spiritual leadership to his congregation and throughout the community.

“I am basically there to provide spiritual leadership and to be a pastor, counselor and friend, not only to members of the church but for the community as well,” McClendon said. “I am here to assist in any way I can.”

McClendon added he is also excited about settling into the community of Alexander City.

“I am extremely delighted to be here. I thought we were going to go to a church in Ohio or one in Pennsylvania, but when it was obvious that this was the one we were going to, I was just very tickled on a personal level because I really like a good, hot day,” McClendon said laughing. “I have not seen 90-degree weather in years.”

Also, McClendon said he is excited about his new congregation.

“This church has a reputation of having a fine congregation,” McClendon said.