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We can turn this nation around

Published 1:35pm Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dear editor,

On this year’s Memorial Day, when we honored our soldiers and others who believed in and stepped forward to serve our country, it seems to be a time of reflection and self examination. Our country is now well over 200 years old. That is older than many nations of Europe. We were the child of stargazers and pragmatists who dared to dream of a constitutional republic in which individual rights and the common good were balanced to create the strongest country militarily and economically, the most compassionate and self-sacrificing country, and the most open and welcoming country in the history of the world. These dreamers were willing to do more than talk; they were willing to fight for our independence.

Like my great grandfather, grandfather, and father, I am a veteran. I am proud of my voluntary service to my country which I believe is the greatest nation the earth has ever seen. I must say that in recent years, however, the moral, economic, and political direction of our great nation has been distressing. Our once-great nation has fallen on bad times and there seem to be several reasons:

Honest work was highly prized and honored in the past. It seems to have lost much of its value of late. Now a large number of citizens just want to make money. They have no sense of respect and value for the work they do. In addition, a dramatically increasing number of Americans are voluntarily not working, have no intention of working, and have participated in large-scale scams of the entitlement system to reap economic rewards. Meanwhile, the tax paying middle class is rapidly diminishing, and our economic system is crumbling. We now owe $17 trillion, mostly to the Chinese. At the same time we are increasing entitlements, continuing foreign aid even to our enemies, granting awards to politically correct, silly and unsound investor projects.

Family life with two responsible parents has become the exception rather than the rule as it was only a few short years ago. Divorce seems almost routine, and out-of-wedlock births are common place. Responsible parenting and teaching our children through example seems a lost art. Family ties are fraying and there is often no one around to show children the way through stressful times.

Drug abuse and dependence has taken the place of the natural high of living a good and productive life for many of our younger citizens. Meth labs, meth-related abuse, and other drug-related crimes have choked the courts in recent years.

Christianity and the Jewish faith have been under attack recently. These foundation religions have been the glue that has held our country together for the past 200-plus years. It has become politically incorrect to allow anything relating to these religions to be associated with government, even on a local level. At the same time, Islam has become the darling of the current administration and of the press and is mentioned repeatedly by our national leaders. Islamic terrorist apologists have popped up everywhere since Sept. 11, 2001. The reluctance of our highest elected officials to speak candidly about the Islamic terrorist attacks on our homeland and embassies is frustrating and frightening.

Our own federal government has joined with other countries to interfere with a number of states’ efforts to fight crime and illegal immigration. Whether intentional or not, the message has been “don’t worry about how you got here, or whether you have legal status or not, we want to give you benefits and help you to vote.” Voting in this country is both a right and a privilege reserved only for American citizens. Promises to “secure the border” have remained simply talking points on Sunday TV news shows. At the same time we are granting privileges to illegal aliens, our government is spying on the press, focusing IRS audits on citizens who simply want to be good citizens, and has failed to protect our foreign service officers and ambassadors abroad.

Attacks on the Second Amendment and the land use dictates of Agenda 21 are being pushed both domestically and through our involvement with the United Nations. The current administration seems to want to have the Constitution and Bill of Rights superseded by the United Nations charter.

I believe it is not too late to turn our country around, but we must elect leaders who understand and believe in the Constitution. We must hold our elected officials to task to be honest, brave, and speak the truth in all things. We all must get involved in the business of running our country. If you are a citizen, you should educate yourself on the issues of the day and vote for what you truly believe in. If you are physically and mentally able, it is your duty to work. Be spiritual in your daily life and live according to the golden rule. If you are religious, support your church and stand up for your beliefs. Support enforcement of laws and be a good citizen yourself by obeying the laws and encouraging everyone you know to do the same. Read and study the Constitution – it is the foundation upon which our county was formed. Stand up for the principles in the Constitution, and speak out when you can in support of this great and venerable document.

We can turn this nation around, but it will take all of us working to do that job. God bless America on this year’s Memorial Day.

Billy Sellers