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Why stop there?

Published 6:21pm Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear editor,

I am writing in support of a recent column by Tim Thomas, published May 24. I find his views both far-sighted and entirely reasonable. My only concern is that he does not continue on with his train of thought.

For instance, he quotes the second amendment, which states the necessity of having a well-armed militia (a group of like-minded volunteers to defend their community). Let us fully arm the entire community, including the local Boys and Girls club, neighborhood watches, church vestries, the Muslim brotherhood, etc.

Let us not stop with just arming teachers – how about the PTA, cooks, cleaning staff, etc. (I think the students for the most part seem to be well enough armed as it is.)

Then what about the poor missionaries who visit biker bars to fellowship? Don’t you suppose they deserve the right to defend themselves? Then there are post office patrons—without their trusty AR-15s, how will they protect themselves when someone goes postal?

Have you ever been in a courtroom? Man, talk about all the verbal abuse and outright lies. Anyone can plainly see one needs to be fully armed in court. Then think about the most dangerous place in America: our prisons. Let’s issue a weapon of choice to prisoners along with their uniforms.

Then as I write this, I think of all the poor folks on welfare. They can’t afford to buy good weapons and have to depend on Saturday Night specials. Is this fair? I say NO. Let’s issue regulation type guns along with their checks. For the better off citizen, 3D printable guns will soon be here.

Right on Tim! Power to the people.

David French

P.S.: When my wife read this she thought I had managed to offend every group in Alex City except the handicapped. Sorry for the omission. Let’s give every blind person in town six grenades.