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All schools need storm shelters

Published 12:12pm Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dear Editor,

Alabama passed a law that every new school must have a storm safe room built in the school.

What about the schools that are already built? The law should be mended to address all the schools.

Every child’s life is important, and we the people demand more than this. What are we saying to these children in Alabama? Are we saying we can’t protect all of them, only a few?

This is not acceptable, and the bill should be mended to really address this serious problem.

Stop the greed, and let’s treat all these children the same. They all deserve to be protected from all harm. We are their protectors, and yet we are telling them that some are important and some are not.

I hope and pray that we will get this right for God’s sake. These are our children, and yet we don’t have the “mindset” to do the right things for them.

Hopefully in the next election we will have better results because these laws are not acceptable for our children.

Arlean Wyckoff