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TPI welcomes Lynden Blake

Published 10:59am Thursday, May 23, 2013

By Lynden Blake, Staff Writer

My name is Lynden Blake, and I have the honor of joining Tallapoosa Publishers Inc. for the next ten weeks as the summer intern. I am from Alexander City, and I am now attending Auburn University where I study journalism and marketing.

My real passion is sports journalism, and I hope to one day be a sports reporter for, of course, ESPN. I mean, why not shoot for the stars?

I told myself in the seventh grade that I wanted to be the girl standing on the sidelines interviewing the football players after the big win. Ever since then I have tried my best to learn the game, as well as other sports.

In high school I was a cheerleader for BRHS, as well as a softball player and basketball player. Even though I was no Jennie Finch or Lisa Leslie, being able to play sports has given me a solid background in the area.

I also have to give my dad and two brothers credit for me having a passion for sports. They are the people I text or call whenever I am trying to figure out what is going on in the sports world.

In addition to my passion for sports, another reason I chose the field of journalism was my love for talking. Ever since I discovered words could come out of my mouth, I have been making sure the whole world hears them.

It hasn’t always been a good thing. I can remember many times I was sent out in the hallway for talking too much during class, but now that it is kind of my job to talk, I fit right in.

Social media is changing the journalism field tremendously, and I am loving every minute of it. Twitter is my best friend and a great way to act like I know what I’m talking about when a big news story breaks or a sporting event is going on. Oh, so feel free to follow me @lynblake.

Journalism is the field for me, and I am looking forward to learning the ropes from one of the top publishing groups around.

I hope to go back to Auburn in the fall with a world of knowledge of how to write, edit and publish news. I look forward to bringing Alexander City news of all the fun and exciting events happening around the community this summer.

Blake is a staff writer for The Outlook.


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