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‘Cooler courthouse’ should be lower priority

Published 10:46am Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to an article that appeared in The Outlook several weeks ago. It is to and about Mr. Archer’s comments about not having a better air conditioner and, of all things, a complaint about the carpet.

Little does he know that there are many living in Alexander City that are getting by with only a $20 fan from Wal-Mart, if they are lucky enough to even have that.

Having worked at the Salvation Army, I know that they have bought and given fans to many who could not afford to even purchase a $20 fan to get them through the hot summers.

I would like to tell Mr. Archer that I worked at Russell Corp. for many years vefore they had air conditioners, and, by the way, we worked by production, meaning if we did not put out a certain amount, we got paid hardly anything.

Maybe he should put some employees on production.

He did not lose any time after getting into office before he started to complain. Another thing he mentioned was that they were taking a day off for something that I have failed to see where anyone has ever taken off.

I certainly hope that people will make better choices of who they vote into office.

We are praying for him to be comfortable!

Robbie Marable