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Motherhood is gift from God

Published 10:23am Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dear editor,

I felt like I needed to add an extension to last’s weeks article about Mother’s Day because some of my closest friends and co-workers said I left out lots of details about my personal views of motherhood. I was unsure of just how personal I could be.

Long before my children were born, God planned their lives, and he chose me to be their mom.

What a special privilege that is for me! He could have chosen anyone for that role, but He chose me. How could I not depend on Him to help me raise them in the way that He desires?

That is why I depend on God to walk me through the journey as a mom. Now that my son is just two weeks away from getting married, I am having lots of memories – from his childhood – replaying in my mind.

Many years ago, during children’s moments at church, my son responded with a simple answer to the question of what makes their mom special. His answer was, “My mom makes me cinnamon rolls.” It was at that moment I realized that being a special mom was much easier than I thought.

Even though those memories bring a few tears to my eyes, they are usually tears of joy. Any mother would agree that no matter how old our children become, they will “always” be a child in our heart.

My daughter just completed her first year in college, but she still jokingly sometimes says to me, “You are the bestest mom I ever had.”

I have instilled in both my children the fact that if they allow Jesus to live in their heart and then follow their heart, He will help them to make choices they will be proud of. I have encouraged my children to make choices today that they will be proud of the next morning.

It is very important for our children to succeed in life and to accomplish their goals for a career, but I also think that high levels of integrity and wisdom are equally as important.

The only thing that we can take with us when our life is over is whatever is stored in our hearts, so as a mom I place great emphasis on character.

As a paraprofessional with special needs children at ACMS, I also have the privilege of being a school mom each and every day.

Of course, a paycheck is attached to that job, but there is more heart pay than my paycheck reflects.

I guess that even though the role of a mom is thought of as a job, it’s really not a job if it is what you were born to be and it comes naturally.

As it was in my childhood dreams of wanting a boy and then a girl, my son was born first, so he could be the good big brother to my daughter.

Being a mom is one of the most beautiful gifts in my life, and God has certainly blessed me with two children that I would have chosen if I had been given the choice. Life is SOOO good!!

Melinda Blair