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Every day should be Mother’s Day

Published 10:51am Tuesday, May 14, 2013

While Mother’s Day has come and gone, this time of year always makes me reflect on the sacrifices made by mother to help get me where I am today.

The most recent example that comes to mind is the help my mother provided when I got my first job in Selma, as well as my move to Alexander City.

It all goes back to when I started at Selma in the first place.

It was my first job out of college. I had no money, and I had to make the move from my home in Mobile to my new home in Selma on very short notice.

Without hesitation, my mother helped me pile my essential belongings into my undersized Toyota Camry and road shotgun with me on the three-hour trek up I-65.

Since it was a trip on short notice, there were naturally a lot of headaches, big and small.

I arrived at my new apartment only to discover that I had to pay a deposit in order to move in that day, and being fresh out of college, the funds to do so simply did not exist.

I was ready to panic.

I had to start my job the next day, but I couldn’t move in to my apartment that night. But my mother was right there ready to help any way she could.

She withdrew the money I needed for the deposit, overdrawing her account in the process, and helped me make sure I could shift my focus on starting my future.

Everything eventually turned out well, and even when I offered to pay her back, she declined and simply said, “Son, that’s what mothers are for.”

That move was nearly two years ago, and as I made the transition to Alexander City the first person to offer help in my move was my mother.

We hit the highway along with my uncle and a U-Haul.

I’m glad that it was a much smoother transition, but any fear of hiccups and headaches that come with moving never emerged because I knew my mom had my back either way.

That sacrifice is only one of many my mother has made throughout the years and it’s the one I’ll always think of each Mother’s Day.

But I think Mother’s Day shouldn’t be the only day we think of our moms, aunts, grandmothers and wives.

Instead, Mother’s Day should serve as a reminder to think of mom at all times.

Mothers play such a huge role on a daily basis and are willing to step up and play that role at a moment’s notice.

We should remind mothers how thankful we are for them every chance we get.

The sacrifices and goodwill of mothers around the world aren’t limited to one day, so why should we limit our celebration of mom to one day?

Hudson is a staff writer for The Outlook.