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Reserving thanks until the job’s done right

Published 11:03am Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Editor,

I would like to put up a brief response to the opinion piece that was written regarding the construction in front of the college. The writer of the original piece expressed gratitude for the workers and the jobs they are doing.

I’m extremely befuddled at what he/she is expressing gratitude for. These people do not deserve gratitude. If anything, they deserve to be fired and replaced with competent workers that will do a job correctly while being time and cost efficient.

For starters, the reason for the hill erosion was caused by the very company that is repairing it because they didn’t do the job right the first time! So, not only did they waste taxpayer money by doing a lousy job, they’re wasting more money fixing the problem they created.

These people couldn’t even fix the road correctly, as the pavement they put down is ruined by numerous potholes. I realize some of the potholes would be there as a result of a cool, wet winter, but for there to be as many potholes as there are clearly indicates poor quality work.

In the meantime, I’m sure the person expressing gratitude surely doesn’t travel this road often enough to notice these things. I’m sure they’re not sitting in a line of traffic every morning on their way to work watching the workers do anything but what they’re supposed to be doing while traffic backs up during rush hour. I’m sure it doesn’t bother them that their tax dollars are being wasted by this fiasco of a job done by a company contracted by the Alabama DOT.

I’m sorry, sir/madam, but the only gratitude I’ll be expressing is when the job is finally done and done correctly.

John F. Buono


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